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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 27, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's april 2th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a house party goes off the rails with revelers just going bananas. the story behind one insane smash and trash. a chihuahua named lily is decked out in -- >> opera gown. >> find out how much one woman spent to dress her beloved dog. >> i believe she want a friend. you've got a woman threatening to jump and a guy trying to sneak up without her noticing him there. see the rescue moves fit for an action hero. plus the ipad mini giveaway is back along with your cans to win. we break down the best on the
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web, including the dicey decision, what some brave dude did for laugh that left the big man looking stern. >> fired. a lot of us really love a good house party. invite all your friends over. let's throw a bash. that's what happened at this house. a bunch of guys having a good old time playing around. wait, what are you doing? why would you do that? >> no. that's no good. >> that's where the house party goes bad. >> that's where this whole video goes bad. that's what this is all about. a huge group of guys who are partying, having a good time just going bananas and smashing and trashing as much as they could all in the name of fun. >> that is not fun. >> is this their house?
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have they broken into somebody's house to trash it? what's going on? >> no. they actually rented the house for their weekend party and then just went crazy. and then they just posted it on social media. see them talking the air conditioning unit off the roof of the house. and the destruction continues. nothing was safe in this situation. this car right here they are destroying, and they go bananas with the fire extinguishers. >> you know what, though, they are reporting every bit of this. it's all there in video with their faces clearly showing exactly what they did. authorities, all they need is this evidence. >> you're right. this wasn't a csi investigation here. police when they saw the videos going viral immediately recognized at least six of the guys in the video went and arrested them and then later on arrested another 12 guys that
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were involved in this mayhem. obviously somebody is going to have to pay for this damage. it's a shame. >> this has been called the cutest elephant attack ever. i have to say the severity is lessened by the cuteness in this video. here we are once again in the krueger national park. a herd of elephants. ears are flapping. mama not too happy. behind her, a calf. then from behind. the race is on. the tourists. notice who is tagging on for the chase. >> yeah. >> oli, that's a pretty good interpretation of what you're about to hear. mama trumpets. get them mama. the people didn't sound troubled about having to back that thing up. more elephant antics this time at the elephant nature park in
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thailand. no matter human, dog, elephant, somebody wants the baby to go to sleep. it takes three of them to do it. as you can see, they all crowd around the baby. caresses the baby. finally the little one sits down and slowly lays down. finally after these three nannies get the baby to lay down, they have been nannying this elephant all day. this is tiring work. watch what that one does. you know what, my work is done. the camera kind of drifts off to find out what's that other elephant doing. >> this is an elephant equivalent of wine o'clock. >> people on the internet are calling this firefighter's action incredible. here we are at the top of this apartment building in south korea, that woman on the ledge, she wants to jump. you can imagine is pretty tense as she sits there and the
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firefighter makes their way over the balcony just above her. >> look how slowly, like he's trying to do it without noticing her there. >> he doesn't want to scare her. doesn't want her to see him coming. >> this is going to be a crazy move. >> it's got to be. there's no other way to do it. >> you have no idea. >> you've got one shot, brother, one shot. >> push back. >> oh. >> that did it. >> drop kicks her. she falls backwards into the apartment and she's safe. >> i think that is just about the best way to do it. >> the danger taken by the fireman. also we've got the equipment. this is going to take off. >> it has taken off with hundreds of thousands of views. >> that's no accident. you know they have practiced that and trained for that. >> folks are saying they hope she takes advantage of the new life he gave to her. quick action by this firefighter in china as well. see that woman sitting outside the window. reports are she's really upsket
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about a botched plastic surgery. apparently it's something to do with her face and she's checked out. you hear her crying when sudden ly that fellow rushes in, grabs her from behind and drags her back into the home. >> i hope both these women get the mental help they need for their situation. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> there's a buzzword to be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> buzzword coming up. >> stand by for "rtm" giveaway. my idea of being a dog owner is you make sure they have a place to live. you feed them. you make sure their medical is taken care of. then there are these dog owners. >> my name is shawn and this is
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my chihuahua lily. >> girl, cut the string already. she has an entire closet full of clothes. >> that dog has more than $12,000 onwa wardrobe. all of her dresses cost an average of $100. >> look at the smug look on that dog. i got it better than you. i've got more clothes than you. >> she's 20 years old and is a dog groomer. she goes out to walk the dog in perfect like opera ready gowns. >> how weird is it? you see people that have dolls that spend $10,000 for outfits on dolls. >> here is where i have a problem, she spends all that money on dogs and someday she needs medical care and starts a go fund me page. >> the dog isn't a-year-old yet and has more clothes than all of
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us put together. >> combined. >> coco chanel. >> tiffany's in there. at least one of the collars is louis vuitton. >> i mean, if she want a friend. you can pet my belly for a louis vuitton bag. a pop star's music video shoot is about to get a business random. >> wait. that's not right. >> this one has all the makings of a hit. >> that wasn't in the script. >> and the gopro captures all the fun. >> a big old mess to get it back. from the minute i wake up... >> brought to you by jcpenney's. that's getting your penney's worth. ...and on. that's why i... ...make time for myself...
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having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett. albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. looks like a really fun day out there on the mud. these people in florida, spring break in that area. >> loving the christmas there. >> these guys have a sense of style. >> i would suggest keeping your mouth closed. as much as fun as it is, try to
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express your self with a closed mouth. there's a lot of mud flying. >> you're right. see a few shots of mud just flying right on them. they are recording this adventure on a gopro mounted in the front. another chick in the back wearing the head brace. but that was just a camera tumbling off. but now the entire group is going to, yes, hands and knees. all i can say is good luck. the camera is still recording at this point. they didn't look for very long. in fact, they look for just a minute. they bring it up and sure enough it's the gopro. >> how muddy are they? >> and based on their reactions, you'd think they won the lottery. >> a $400 lottery ticket there,
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not cheap. >> the world changed in 1981 when mtv suddenly everybody realizing didn't have to listen to music. razzmatazz, conspeck with us consumption. no different for this lady. ♪ ♪ >> the typical kind of music video pretty people do pretty things and just having a great time. well, her latest song random, unexpected, a little bit of both. >> was that her real car? >> no, it's a music video. every time you see anybody in a music video in front of a swanky car, they have borrowed it as they have this rolls-royce.
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causes nearly $9,000 worth of damage to the back of that rolls. >> was she in the car at that time? >> she was in the car at that time. >> that is the gold right there. the video of the crash is going viral. put that crash into the video. people will want to go watch the video because of that incident. so yeah, it could have been worse. i think it is kind of funny. if they keep it in, this could be a hit. >> breakup scene. >> it's already a hit. it hit the wall. couples quiz. >> figure out whether in love or hate. >> see the quiz next "right this minute."
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the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. the allergy medicine xyzal is now available over the counter in original prescription strength. so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. allergy symptoms and nothing gets you closer than nasacor because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. one of the most fun word in the world of youtube clab, collaboration between big
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youtube stars. take one roman. >> today is a collaboration. i haven't done a collab in a while. i've been wanting to work with this person for a long time. it's going to be fun. >> he's going out to collaborate with one of our favorites. >> dude, you look official. >> i would never have guessed him. >> coyote pearson and roman atwood. a couple of kayaks. rahn roman in one, they start paddling around the woods area. coyote is very familiar with this ecosystem. he's been there before, captured turtles before. specifically they are looking for a nice big snapping turtle. >> okay. >> look at his face. >> they continue to paddle around. coyote spots another.
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>> he's going for a turtle. is that a turtle? >> yeah, i see him. >> all right. >> coyote knows this turtle. >> right over here. >> you know this turtle. >> this is hubert. how are you doing, hubert? >> great to collab with you again. >> i was a little skeptical to jump in the car and find a giant turtle. you just made that look -- definitely don't try that. let him do it. >> today nobody is going to get bit be by the turtle. >> you don't want to get your camera up too much closer than that. >> but the turtle does get its revenge. >> right in. >> oh, man. >> pretty fun to see these two work together. coyote did put that snapping turtle back into its home
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territory. >> here, buddy. >> a basket of cupcakes. >> you know mommy is having a baby, right? >> also a little brother or sister. >> pink means you get a sister. blue means you get a brother. >> guys, just give me a cupcake. i don't know what game you're playing here but it's not fun. >> what do you get if you find a blue one. >> a pink one. >> i know you want a pink one. >> explain it to her. all right. let's get this show on the road. there's a cupcake under that cup. at first glance -- >> what does blue mean? >> blue means brother. >> you want a cupcake? >> can we return it, please? can you change the frosting. >> i want a sister. >> they apologize but it's not
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working because this metdown ltn three, two, one. >> a sister. [ crying ] >> why doesn't my brother eat cupcakes. let's go to the video. >> he gives the cupcake, wants no part of it. >> give him the pink one. he'll forget by the time the baby is born. >> next one by harper, at brunch with family. >> what you want to be for halloween. >> halloween, it's still spring. >> what do you want to be for halloween? >> say it loud. >> harper also getting a little brother. >> where is the baby, harper? it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> that's right. you need thursday's buzzword, be at least 21 and be a resident of u.s. or canada.
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>> "right this minute," click on win ipad button. enter the word on facebook, twitter or both each day. >> the buzzword is everyone's favorite. >> click on win ipad button and enter buzzword summer, s-u-m-m-e-r. >> good luck, everybody. some guys playing a break-in prank on the boss. >> a stupid idea. they have planned it very well. >> it's excellently executed. >> what happens when he realizes they are up to something? ladies, that's how you get
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the man. sounds like a great idea to play a prank on your boss, especially when it comes to your boss's gun. >> i would worry about a boss that has guns. >> at their shop they customize and paint your weapons.
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>> glass, brandon has the truck keys. >> they roll down the window, break tempered glass and start putting the shards, pieces all over the truck, the ground. the guy is about to lose his guns in the back, apparently with a suppressor, a national firearms item. >> have you to keep track of them. >> when he brakes it, set off the alarm. >> the alarm is sounding. these guys run and take cover. that's him with the brown shirt. at this point he doesn't realize he's gone. more people show up. they are all in on this. but someone -- guns in there. >> look at that. suddenly it dawned on him just how bad this could be. >> yeah.
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so he starts asking questions. now he's got to go talk to his employee, the one that had his truck. >> your truck? >> i have to give the rest of these guys credit for not cracking a smile and laughing and blowing the whole prank. >> for this long, because there's always that one. >> the suppressor. [ laughter ] >> ruined it. >> right about here damon ruins it. he comes out cracking up and just blows the whole prank. >> break my window. >> just rolled it down. >> didn't think it was all that funny. >> ha ha ha, fired. that's our show. be sure to catch the next all new episode of "right this minute."
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